Margaret and Helen Make Me Laugh

It’s been a hard day at the office for me.  Rules, deadlines, federal laws … all kinds of things getting in the way of me doing what I want, when I want.

6:16 pm and I’m getting ready to head out the door but decide to take a quick peak at the traffic back-up on I-90 and sit myself back down in my chair.  What’s a woman to do with a little extra time on her hands?  Surf up Margaret and Helen (best friends for 60 years and counting).

And I laugh so hard I almost peed my pants.

Read “Sarah Palin Called a Family Meeting and The Rabbit Died.”  I can’t help myself, but laugh out loud I did.      Earlier today I read a commentary about women and politics, and how the media reduces powerful women to dress sizes, whompa whompa shoes and their sex appeal.   It was a good article; well considered and thought-provoking.   I think Jennifer Pozner is right — there is a double standard, still, and women in politics and business leadership roles get judged by a different standard.

But Jennifer Pozner didn’t make me laugh.  She didn’t make me want to write a blog posting.  And some days, you just need to laugh.   Tomorrow I’ll deal with sexists journalists and conservative pundits.   Today, a little Margaret and Helen with my drive home.

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