Genealogy and Making a Difference – The DAR’s New Chapter and Megan Smolenyak’s New Book

I have these same thoughts: without children of my own, who will really care about the research, writing and chronicling of my family’s history.

But then I remember: my cousins have children and we share a common ancestral line. This is my contribution, my legacy. And too, I believe every person in America has a story worth hearing. I can help others hear the stories of my family.

Ascending the Stairs

Sometimes I worry if all the time I spend on genealogy really matters. When I am at the end of my life, will the late nights, weekends and vacation time I have devoted to genealogy truly have made any difference in the world?  This last week I saw a few examples where I think genealogy has not only influenced how people see themselves, but where it is making a change in the present.

DAR – Changing Hearts & Minds

Did you know that approximately 5,000 Revolutionary patriots were black? With the exponential effect of descendants, that means that their progeny could have quite a presence in the Daughters of the American Revolution.   However, the DAR has been fighting a bad reputation since Marian Anderson was prohibited from singing at the  DAR’s Constitution Hall in 1939.  And though the DAR has had other issues over the years that have discouraged…

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