As we usher in the 2nd term of President Obama, we are reminded of the power and fragility of our democracy. We must turn and thank our ancestors who fought for our freedoms and our right of self-governance. Regardless of our appreciation for who is in the White House, I know we all agree we are glad they were elected to, and not ascended to, the seat. Religious freedom is at the core of our democracy; for how can we be free when our beliefs are not. Thank you for sharing, Rachelle.

Ascending the Stairs

Have you ever had to defend your beliefs and risk financial fines, time in jail, community criticism or physical harm? I am willing to bet that few of us have had to face those things in any substantial way.  Standing up to friends, family or work colleagues about your beliefs rarely results in more than irritation and discomfort.  We have our ancestors to thank for the freedoms that we take for granted.  Through their work and sacrifices, we can vote (for those of us who are women, non-white and non property owners), worship freely and have political beliefs different from those of our fellow citizens.

Every time we discover someone in our family who has stood up against injustice or for greater rights for our society, we learn more about our nation’s history and for how much we have to be grateful. I am humbled by people like my Quaker…

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