Bring on the education revolution

"The" Sir Ken Robinson

“The” Sir Ken Robinson (Photo credit: TimWilson)

Sir Ken Robinson divides the world into two groups:  those who divide the world into two types and those who do not.

This quirky little joke launches Sir Ken into a harsh look at the group of people who live not knowing from day-to-day what they are good at, what they contribute, and how they can leverage their natural talents.

Provocative and forceful, Sir Ken is adamant about finding a new way to learn: he is looking for a new, transformed way to educate.

I think we do this at Seattle Girls School; we innovate on education and we challenge the assumptions we take as given.   Sir Ken pushes us to think and think and to foment a revolution.  He pushes us to innovate personal curriculums and throw out the industrial model so that each school is successful on it’s own merits.

Be inspired.


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